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Entrepreneur! Really it’s full of never ending delight. But then who would be to say what’s downs and what’s uninterruptible power supply? It’s only a matter of viewpoint. Entrepreneurs can see the downs as a learning experience or an opportunity, therefore, the downs become the uninterruptible power supply.

Some of these “fact” are not really accurate.

Myth – You want capital to begin a company

Absolute garbage. I’d like to let you know, you do not want capital to begin a company. You do need creative juices to begin a company. Think about all the successful entrepreneur it is possible to consider, how many begin their company with a fortune?

I began my company with just $20. I used ton’t even pay for the enrollment of the company. Additionally, I imported products from China. This gets me believe firmly that you don’t want any cash to begin a company. Whenever someone told me he can not begin his company because he did not have enough cash, I constantly inquired, “why do you want cash to start a company?” Within my belief system, begin a company with cash does not make sense to me.

Not only me, many of my buddies are not unable to begin their company with hardly any cash – as little as $100. Are me and my buddies can begin our company with little cash?

What most business novels educate would be to purchase then sell. We did the reverse, we sell then purchase. I ‘ll not but first, once I decide to sell a fresh product. I ‘ll go around selling it taking order from would-be customers. This way I minimize my risk and I tend not to want any upfront cash to purchase the products. The cash is collected by me first upon order, then use the cash to purchase the merchandise.