Struggling on how to get an efficient and effective Bike Brand? Here are the Best Fixie Bikes for you


To get the best and decent Fixie bike can be a hustle if you lack knowledge about its features. Fixie bikes are classy and stand out among the rest in the market because of their good body mechanism.

Things that you need to put on the Frontline Before you Purchase a Fixie Bike

Fixie bikes are known for their simple design and easy to maintain mechanism. They have most crucial parts mounted on the frame. However, there are things worthy consideration before one takes an initiative of purchasing a fixie bike. They include:


This involves the bars and the structure of the frame. There are over rated fixie bikes because of the way they are designed. This can result to lack of comfort while riding.


Since fixie bikes are mostly used in urban areas, a steel frame cannot do it bad. A strongly built steel frame is durable if offered great care. Carbon and Aluminum frames are rare to find though not nonexistent, and they are provided with relatively higher price. Note that if you reside in a rough region, you need to spend some extra dollars to acquire a lighter frame.


In case you are not satisfied of the size of the fixie bike, then you need to pay close attention on the measurements.


At times it is better to incur more and acquire the best quality Fixie bike than to pay less and you are always at the bike repairer shop. If you consider using your bike daily, then good price should be a great deal for you.

Top 3 Best Fixie Bikes

Critical cycles Classic Fixed-Gear

This type of fixie bike is relatively cheap, lasts longer and looks amazing. Critical cycles are the best fixie bikes you can purchase. The hand built steel frames transfers the pedaling power of the cyclist in the most effective way, this allows cyclist to gain and maintain good momentum easily. It is made to deliver reliable and smooth rides, which assures comfort while riding.

This model is available in 5 different sizes and 3 colors. The matte black is powerful; it’s made of steel frame while all other accessories are made of alloy .It rare flip flop enables you to comfortably switch from single speed mode to fixed gear instantly. A few years ago, it was difficult to change from one mode to another.

If you like to pass through cars stuck in a traffic jam, consider its pursuit bullhorn bars. You will find them odd, in the first few rides, but you will like them with time. This is a package that comes complete. Its appearance tells more about price, yet it is one that is affordable. Currently, it is by far the top fixie bike you can purchase.

Dublin Single Speed Fixie Bike

This is a road bike like geometry. Its parts are appropriately designed with efficiency to provide the cyclist with top comfort. For example the deep V rims are aerodynamically made to lower wind resistance that comes with rim spikes. It has bullhorn handlebars that keeps the cyclist comfortable and in aerodynamic position. When you lie on a horizontal position, you can cycle at a higher speed with less effort.

This masterpiece allows you to change from single speed mode to fixed gear which has been made easy by the rear flip flop hub. If you don’t subscribe to assembling a bike on your own, then Dublin Single Speed Fixie is the perfect bike for you. It is easy to assemble because of few parts it presents to be mounted on the frame.

6ku Track Fixed Gear Bike

The 6KU Track fixed gear bike has a steel frame. The frame appears thick, though walls are actually thin. Since pressure is dispersed on a wider surface, the frame is made lighter with heavy and affordable materials.

Both front and rear brakes can easily be removed in a short time, although it is not recommended to do that. You can change from fixed to single speed, whichever makes you comfortable. The rims and pedal elements are made of alloy. The mix of steel frame and alloy components are less costly for Fixie bikes. The bike is available in 4 sizes that is: 52cm, 49cm, 55cm and 59cm.

6KU is a perfect competitor of the above critical cycles Fixie Bike. It takes good care of the needs of cyclist, though critical cycles Bike is a reliable and promising choice to make.

With efficient and reliable Fixie Bike, a cyclist is assured of comfort and smooth cycles on the road. Therefore the above Fixie bikes brand are undisputable in the market when compared to others, because of their efficient and good handling power.